Perhaps your friend you simply need to communicate, empathy, empathy.Try to talk to him, ask what was bothering him, what prospects he sees in his life .Remarkably, if he had a dream, and he remembered an existing one.Push to human understanding and awareness of his motives and aspirations.
But to begin with it is necessary to disperse the melancholy of the most simple, easily achievable goals: to wash dishes, to learn a little poem, to solve a simple problem.Based on the fact that your friend may be interested.Occupational therapy - one of the most effective ways to fight depression.
Give a friend to listen to good songs.Remember what he had loved performers.Go with him to take a walk, go shopping.Go to the movies, theater, can convene a small group.Woman can inspire buying beautiful clothes.Give her flowers, arrange a romantic date.Help her to solve her problems.
Give a friend a beautiful book and ask to use it as a diary.May he writes to his thoughts, impressions, feelings.Maybe poems.Not bad also fix quotes and sayings of great men - this technique is still practiced LNTolstoy.If a person likes to read, you can give him a book that might inspire him.Choose a life-affirming work with an interesting plot and a good ending.Repelled by the preferences of others.
fascinated by another, fallen into melancholy, engaging pastime.This may be the art of photography, beading, picking up large mosaics, collecting coins.When a person is passionate, he feels support underfoot.Have someone hiking.You can choose to hike, horse riding or, for example, a trip by canoe.Travel can inspire many.
If the previous methods do not have the desired effect, try to use the method "by contradiction".Include the most difficult and obscure music, psychologically heavy films, tells the story of life accidents, sick, crippled people, show them pictures.This can lead to shock, but in the end one has to understand that his problems - nothing, in comparison with these tragedies.People without arms or legs are able to enjoy life , and he, a relatively healthy and strong, he pushes himself to a standstill its gloomy thoughts.