tragedy happened, nothing can change, and we need to live on.You can cry, worry about it, but do not make it too long.Find the strength to go forward.Go back to work, if it was, or find a new place to provide the necessary means of subsistence.The work will allow the distraction.The tighter the schedule will be, the better.After all the activity - this is the best cure for heartache.
Do not look for the fault in the incident, we do not think that you can influence the circumstances that could all change.These thoughts do not help to get out of mourning, but rather destroy self-esteem, do not allow to sleep at night.Do not make yourself more suffering, accept the fact that all of this happened not because of you.Just do not try to find fault in others, no one did not express claims, do not blame.These emotions will not help the person return.
Learn to switch attention.Do not remember what had happened, do not move to the memory of the last moments.It is very difficult to do, but it helps a simple technique.Imagine yourself on the beach or on a beautiful sunny meadow.Each time the thoughts of the past appear, move your attention in a fictional area.You can begin to think about work, children or a hobby.Such actions require training in a few weeks they will be easier to carry out.
Take something useful, such as sports.Two or three times a week, use of the fitness club to escape.It takes an empty evening will provide an opportunity to remove stress after work.The activity helps to cope with stress.For the first time it is better to choose the active sessions, it may be aerobics, a strip of plastic, dancing, boxing.Tired from training will bring relief, and the dream will become much stronger.Do not forget to take lessons after douche.
Find a hobby to occupy your brain.Someone chooses sculpting, someone writing music.What is right for you, no one will tell.Just try different options, you can now start singing, dancing, crocheting, grow flowers or collect puzzle.We need a hobby to distract, to all his spare time was devoted to him.This gives strength to live, and in the future can become a profitable operation.
Do not forget to chat with friends and family.No need to call and cross every day, but sometimes it is worth to keep in touch.They will remind you of the past, but it's not terrible.You have shared the pain, but do not talk about it.Choose neutral topics, invent interesting activities, not just discuss the incident.However, to start a new life much easier.