Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - a disease mainly women - men suffer it 4 times less.The most susceptible to it ladies aged from 30 to 50 years.
Among the causes of CFS, experts distinguish 5 basic:
- overexertion and stress;
- viruses (scientists believe that CFS is caused by a special type of virus, however an exact confirmation of this hypothesis has not yet received);
- a weak immune system and mismatch in the immune, endocrine and nervous systems;
- low blood pressure;
- hormonal problems, in particular the low level of cortisol - the hormone responsible for the maintenance of energy balance in the body.
Before you start to struggle with CFS, it should be recognized at the existence of this problem.It is necessary to turn to a psychologist - he will help you to accept yourself in a state of disease.Pass a medical examination: symptoms similar to CFS, are found in various somatic diseases.
Avoid overload, plan to do, and let them be not too much.Perhaps some of them it makes sense to wait for later.
not neglect physical exercise: they help relieve stress.But this does not mean that you should pace yourself hours of training in the gym or run 10 kilometers a day.Suitable breathing exercises, Pilates, yoga and other body-oriented practices.Calculate the class schedule so that after 5 minutes followed by loading a 15-minute rest period.But complete relaxation and abandonment of physical activity will stand bad service.
Limit contact with people complaining of fatigue, weakness - even if the theory of viral origin CFS is incorrect, they will be psychologically "infect" you with their condition.
Follow expert advice and tune in a gradual, long-term work.CFS - not a problem which can be overcome in a few days.