First of all, it should be remembered that one of the main components of trouble - you, your feelings about the incident.Because, above all, get yourself together.Try not to get depressed, take it out on people close to you.Think simple arithmetic - the trouble consists of two components: self misfortune plus your experience.Following this, you can significantly reduce the size of the disaster.
soberly assess the extent of unhappiness come upon you.Think about whether you can handle it yourself or whether you need the help of people.Of course, it is impossible to resurrect a deceased relative, but funerals and memorials, alas, are worth the money.Almost any trouble, as it is sad, has a financial side and the monetary value.
Some people tend to dramatize and exaggerate the size and significance of what happened, especially at a young age."Who have not seen - a lot of crying" - aptly noted classic.The quarrel with his classmates bad score anything.Here, the best way - to share with the older, not necessarily the parents with a man whom I respect.The main criterion - the person must have more life experience than you.
And the main thing, of course, no matter how paradoxical it sounds - you have to be optimistic, ready for anything.From finance, believe that you will succeed, but think for advance what would happen if you suddenly burned.Do not forget to take care of elderly parents, remember sometimes that all mortal.Going into a new class, stay confident, but simulate the situation: "What will I do if do not like this class."
If you can not cope with their own misfortune, fell into depression, you apprehend the bad thoughts - ask for help to a psychologist.That specialist will help you survive the disaster have come.