Protect yourself from stress at work, becoming organized, the executive officer.An employee who performs all the tasks set by the leadership in time, and copes with its responsibilities, less reason to be nervous.Make sure to make rational use of working time.Well think over your work schedule.Be careful and conscientious about their work.
Do not take to heart the negative working moments.If there is a conflict with a colleague, boss or client, do not worry too rapidly.To cope with stress, you can use visualization.Imagine a situation in which the person who's giving you trouble, is totally dependent on you or appears in a bad light.Good help in a critical situation and the slow breathing exercises by himself.
When an unpleasant situation, focus not on their experiences, and how to fix it.Think about what you can do, what action is best taken immediately, one of my colleagues ask for help.If the global situation, notify management and suggest a plan of action.
Avoid excessive workloads.The tired, exhausted state, even conventional, small troubles you will be perceived badly exaggerated.So do not take on several projects at the same time, working without breaks and holidays.Try to observe the work schedule.Constant delay in the workplace can not only lead to stress, but also to any disease.
not keep everything under control.Some people prefer to do everything yourself, and keep track of everything that my colleagues are doing.Learn to delegate responsibilities and to distribute the load.Do not take on too many responsibilities.You run the risk of not coping at all, or do the job poorly.And in fact, in both cases you waiting for stress due to overload.
If you feel that your nerves to the limit, stop.Immediately Take a break, take a walk, listen to music, get personal.Even the most zealous worker must have moments for themselves.Call a friend or have a coffee.The main thing - to break away from the workplace and think about something else.
When some points related to the performance of employment duties, do not give you peace of mind not only at work but also at home, reconsider your attitude towards them.Remember that this is just a job.Sometimes this excessive responsibility deprives people of sleep and appetite.Do not make the situation absurd.Imagine what will happen if you do not cope with their responsibilities.If your work is not related to safeguard the life or health at risk, nothing criminal is not going to happen.In a pinch, you can find another place.