Remember that work - it's not a natural need for your body, but only the need, aimed at obtaining funds for a comfortable life.Therefore, at least several times a week, plan to meet with friends, going to the cinema or theater.Refers to those activities with the same liability as to the .
Fully dine.In no case do not sandwiches eaten at the workplace.The body needs a complete meal, which assumes a walk to a cafe or a dining room, a choice of several different dishes, leisurely meal.And it brought home yogurt you can eat at any time, but the lunch break to him has nothing to do.
break every hour for at least 3-4 minutes.Even if such interruptions are not allowed (this can be done without drawing attention to itself), they will allow you to work more efficiently throughout the day.Rising from the workplace, a little walk, mash, perform physical exercise (unpretentious, like swings his arms and turns his head).Communicate with colleagues, briefly distract them and distract themselves.
As often as possible ventilate the room, because the fresh air has a very positive impact on our body.If possible, take a walk at lunchtime.
Learn to say no.Before you agree to any work, soberly assess their strength.Otherwise, holding overwork just because you're afraid to disappoint the boss, you are exposing your body with huge loads.If you can not handle the job, say so without fear of prosecution and punishment, it will give the other person, and you will be left alone.
In no case do not shirk work, but if a small help from colleagues can significantly save everyone time, be sure to ask for it.
In the case before the end of the day you still have unfulfilled task, it means that you have to learn to plan their work.Distribute all tasks during working hours, determine the temporal boundaries within which you will carry out the planned pieces of work.Try not to stay after the end of the working day.