adoption of the first stage of psychological reactions to the death of relatives appears shock and incomprehension of what is happening.Surviving relatives death seems to him incredible.Then the person feels anger for what happened, disappointed that it happened to his family.Death - a natural phenomenon.Each person metered his tenure on earth.Even if you think that what happened is unfair, you have to accept it.Just taking it easy, going into a state of rational thought, you can live on.

properly say goodbye to the deceased is very important in order to survive the death of loved ones.And we are not talking about the funeral and memorial service, and on your mind.Psychologists advise to stress this two months after the incident.

several steps you just visualize with loved ones.First, imagine where you would like to see the grave of human rights.This place must radiate peace and light.For example, the vast meadow of flowers can be a lonely marble monument.Think about how you wear to flowers.Begin to remember what it was late.His character, facial features, behavior.Think about any pleasant moments associated with it.

Visualize how you talk to that person about what you have in mind.Express to him the words of his attitude.Tell us about that now will do.Send her your feelings mind.

This exercise will bring you a sense of calm.It will cause you sincerity, which cleanses the heart of pain.
Completion Affairs

Most people suddenly gone to another world, is a lot of unfinished business.Solving these problems can help you survive the death of a loved one.Settle all that he had no time to help his family and friends by promises given to them.Do everything in your power, but do not meddle where you are useless.

If you have someone died, do not be sad alone.You probably have friends or relatives who can brighten up this difficult period of life.Spend more time with them, occupy ourselves daily activities.Take a break on a trip somewhere.For example, leaving the nature of a month after the incident, you should not seem blasphemous.Do not lock yourself in the four walls.You need to move on and leave the state of depression.This is to wish you and the deceased, if he knew about the apathy that plagues you because of his death.