Resentment as a sign of insecurity

Offense - a demonstrative reaction, it is necessary to show the offender that he is wrong.Usually people try not to show their resentment too close to people, knowing that friends and relatives rarely try to specifically pin and bite them.However, some representatives of creative professions are ready to take offense at the slightest pretext.

to communicate normally with people to take their resentment, as given and immutable property of nature.The people of creative professions, as a rule, terribly insecure, because what they earn their living, can not be evaluated objectively.The painting, song, dance, sculpture can only like or dislike.They may not be comfortable, high-quality, durable, these characteristics nesootnosimy works of art.As a result, every creative person is constantly balancing between the opinions of others about his art, his way of making a living.

problem is that creative people in their works express themselves and their egos, respectively, each negative assessment offends them in the heart.The psyche of people of creative professions rarely is stable, the slightest change in your life, small minor events lead them out of balance.Therefore, they tend to make even the most innocent remarks with hostility because of their own insecurity and dependence on other people's opinions.

form of protection

can say that creative people all my life trying to build a defense around him to somehow easier to perceive the world.Unfortunately, the true artist can not grow sufficiently thick skin, without losing the ability to be creative.That's why creative people are so many problems with the environment.

Resentment such people should not be taken as something personal.Most likely, this is expressed by their increased susceptibility.Most often, excessive touchiness appears only the first time after they met as a defensive reaction, or attempt to protect their personal space from intrusion.

Generally, it is necessary to understand that in most cases all the strangeness and singularity in the behavior of creative people is explained by an attempt to protect the world.Shocking way, rude, deliberately anti-social behavior, resentment for creative professionals are original outer shell.To get to what lies within them, is not easy.