Tip 1: What is the male domination

Antizhenstvennost, hardness, management - all signs of dominance in men.Social development involves a manifestation of domination is in men.
man at all times showed himself as a leader, boss, manager.Since childhood, it is driven men that need to be tough, that men do not cry, that for all its actions need to be held accountable.It arises from childhood and this trait of dominance.

There are two types of domination, one is beyond the scope of reasonable (even considered a positive trait of men), while the other moves the border.In the second case, dominance is becoming a kind of violence.

dominance in men

manifestation of rigidity, making decisions in the men's team is characterized by domination.Every company has its own leader, who captured the position is everything.This kind of seizure of power can result from several factors, among which are most often the following:
- fighting;
- threats;
- a tour de force;
- money;
- quick decisions.

dominance manifested in any age group, in all social strata.Perhaps this is laid at the genetic level.Even in ancient times were the leaders of the tribes, kings, emperors, different stiffness, strength and mind.

Domination childhood

In children, the parents laid the quality of the child, which may subsequently help domination.It begins with the development of independence, independent decision-making, self-responsibility for the decisions taken.

The children are constantly competing teams - is also a manifestation of dominance.After all, every child is trying to win, to achieve the maximum.Even in the team competition clearly seen leading figures.

dominance in the family

in family relations man dominates the fact that all important decisions are made by it: the purchase of a large amount, moving the trip to rest and others.Also, a man decides to tough questions.

In the role of a parent is a man shows rigor.Mom always more soft, gentle, and the father and the belt can slap.

Another sign of the dominance of men in the family is to ensure.That man brings the main income of the family.If this role takes on a woman, it is very hurt self-esteem of men.

Anomalous dominance

There is an abnormal dominance.Abnormal can be called excessive cruelty, brutality.Especially in family relations.A man may swear the woman grumble.But such cases are not uncommon, when male cries turn into a beating.Thus a man with unbalanced mind is trying to assert itself in the relationship.Moreover, victims may be as a wife and children.

Tip 2: What is the dominance

Since man lives in society, he constantly interacts with other people, building relationships with each system.This also applies to relations within the family and at work.But in each such system of relationships between two people, as a rule, one is the master and the other slaves, someone holds a dominant position, and some subordinate.

Dominance paired

If relations within the family and at work, as well as the position of the person in the hierarchy in these collective communities defined in one case - the family hierarchy, in other - subordination and position,in relations between man and woman is not so simple.Each newly formed pair, they want to or do not want to, have to, building their relationship, to determine who will dominate.Ideally, of course, partners need to be equal, but in the life of such couples are rare, in this case, both, the man and the woman, always ready to make concessions.

dominant partner, ie,he who is actually in the main steam and whose interests are put above the interests than the second determined, of course, not in the fight.Moreover, it may take a lot of time when one of the couple realizes that is in a subordinate position, and for a long time still can not explain to myself how it happened and why.

who may occupy a dominant position

In fact, everything is simple.If, for example, more interested in the continuation of relations and are ready to compromise their interests and even the principles, you are psychologically putting down his own value and self-esteem.Your partner just beginning to appreciate yourself above.He is aware of a more free and ready to go at the first break, occupies a dominant position in relation to you.

Any reliance on these relationships: psychological, emotional, financial makes you weaker.As Pushkin wrote;"The less we love a woman, the more she likes us."And so it is - the one who loves less and less dependent on the situation - dominant.Accordingly, the less you depend on a partner than you are self-sufficient, so you are stronger.If you have a high status in society or have more money, or simply because of the experience and age, you likely do not have a subordinate position in your pair you will dominate.

One of the partners who make a bet on that relationship and begins to invest in them more and more starting to appreciate them, because from him they invested so much emotional and material resources.Anyone who did not invest anything, will not appreciate this relationship as highly as the other, so the treasure that went without any effort, it will not.It is clear that in this case will be dominated by those who did not invest much.

Domination - it's not bad and not good, this is one aspect of the relationship between man and woman and should be taken into account when building the system.