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ability to accept and forgive belongs to the sphere of the conscious personality.Psychologists say that the human mind can not take anything, because the processes of evaluation, comparing, analyzing, occur at the level of brain activity.Take the situation as it is, without changing its might under certain conscious effort.It's hard work on himself and his own thoughts, which requires serious preparation.

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If in your life there was any situation that gives spiritual experiences, you first need to calm down.Gather your thoughts and realize that it has already happened.Reassured, you will be able to objectively evaluate what happened.Analyze the causes and the outcome of your disadvantage.Next, consider all the possible solutions to the problem.Perhaps all is not lost, and despair come into force emotional stress.If you find out, then steps sequentially distribute your actions.Because of the difficult situation the only way - to accept it as it is.

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In the psychological literature there is a significant number of techniques aimed at the acceptance of the situation.One of them is the fact that the person seeks to completely unload the emotional field associated with the problem.That is simply not to think about it.You must be distracted by any interesting for you.For example, the gym, work, friends, hobbies, travel, etc.However, this is a temporary prescription as you look back to negative emotions.The best way is considered to be a deep analysis of the situation and a conscious decision not to change anything.This is the decision.Do not think that you allow yourself to flow with the current, doing nothing.On the contrary, you start to monitor the situation to the point where perceived reality adequately.Acceptance is the next step on the path to wisdom and self-control.You learn to step back from the external factors that affect the emotional state as a whole.When you feel ready to take, you must still learn to forgive.

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forgiveness process complicated and takes place in several stages.First, you need to stand in the other person and try to understand it.One of the most important conditions for forgiveness - forgiving yourself.At such moments, your soul and mind get rid of unnecessary internal ballast, which makes it difficult to live fully.The next step will be a meeting with the abuser.Explain in detail their feelings and sincerely ask for forgiveness.After this ritual, you clean your heart and mind of emotional stress.Acceptance and forgiveness - a process closely related.If you were able to accept the situation, and be able to forgive.