In Russia, the rich people are negative.Historically, that secured lived apart and seemed "bad characters."In our country it is not accepted to believe that the person has earned by his labor, that is dedication and hard work has led to prosperity.So people get a good means of starting a little part of those who had been there.It is impossible to explain to each of the sources of income, and arguments not ready to believe anything.
presence of big money - is responsible.Many people think that it is freedom, to some extent it is, but still have to look for and how they multiply.We must continue to make in order not to lose the achieved level, look for profitable ways to invest money.All of this takes time and moral strength, and therefore, does not remain an opportunity to do that before.Meeting with friends occur less frequently, a new circle of friends.And old friends blamed it on arrogance and contempt for the former range.
rich man can become only one who aspires to more.That is why people are starting to earn, try to communicate among those who have achieved greater recognition and status.This gives the necessary experience and useful communication and the desire to go further.It turns out that the old friends are no longer just interested.It is not relevant as the problems of survival, there is no need to discuss what was previously disturbed.And for old friends - this indifference.
me very much to do with money and their increase.Wealthy people do not like extravagance, reluctant to lend, not helping those who can not pay.Share the state - to lose much more than you give today.For poor people, this is not entirely clear, but they do not care about the investments are not always ready to make plans and think about the prospects.The rich people can not forget it.
my money and when people completely lost.If successful person suddenly loses his fortune, he experiences deep feelings.He often ashamed of others, that he was not able to stay on top.It also leads to a change of contacts, reducing the number of acquaintances.Strong people are not waiting for support, do not take empathy, it is important to find the strength within themselves, and it does not need people around.They live time of the fall, rise again, and remain at the bottom.In both cases there is a complete change of status, outlook and life.