«Pretty silly" and "gray mouse»

widely believed that men are very susceptible to silly women, because of their background of almost any representative of the stronger sex seems to be "a giant of thought."And if a woman still beautiful, she will have plenty of fans.That is the lady of the type "Pretty silly," simply can not be problems with personal life.

However, this statement is only partially true.Some men quickly realize that silly partner, even a very beautiful, a lot of disadvantages.Typically, such women scattered, helpless.The simplest problem can put them into a dead end.In the end, man was soon bored with such a partner, because the outlook of 99% limited glupyshek beautiful clothes and entertainment.

That's why many men are willing to give birth to a beautiful silly short stories, and for serious relationship (especially for the bonds of marriage) often choose a very different type of women - "gray mice", ie give discreet appearance, humble behavior, but smart, seriousand caring, valuing family life, home comfort.

«virago," "Predator," "Bitch»

From school years, some familiar line about a woman, "stop a galloping horse in a burning hut."Yes, there are fearless and too energetic representatives of the fair sex.They - pronounced leaders, strong, hardy, vigorous, pasuyuschie not even in the very difficult task.These ladies related to the type of "virago" constantly trying to emphasize its independence, that they are no worse than men, while often behave too boldly.Therefore, it is difficult to establish his personal life, because men do not usually come to the delight of a partner.

«Predator" and "bitch" - such women see the meaning of life in pleasures, which are obliged to provide them with the representatives of the stronger sex.In most cases, it is selfish, unscrupulous individuals are incapable of sincere feelings of deep.At the same time, they look great and are able to apply themselves, are fluent in the art of seduction.

«Home cat»

These women love to enjoy a comfortable, cozy, but not willing to look beyond the house, appreciating their independence.However, they do not make independence obsession.If a man find a lady to the right approach, it can be a very good partner.