Dreams Freud's theory for its apparent meaning to hide the real human experience.The explicit meaning - is itself a dream to those persons, objects and actions that are remembered after waking up.So how to solve the dreams of Freud is very difficult, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of interaction of images from dreams with consciousness, with the experience of the person and his unconscious.

Games images

process of interpretation of dreams is always a multi-stage.By hiding the true experiences of dreams, well-protected internal "censor" of consciousness.In the dream thoughts are transformed into visual images.They are often difficult to unravel.Dreams can thicken.In this case, the consciousness transforms the hidden emotions in the least amount of images and events that dreamed.

When shifting the sense of sleep, the images are not clearly discern - they are only indirect hints of hidden meaning.It happens that the dream thoughts are transformed into images that emerged in humans long before the events of today.Interpretation of Dreams Freud, should take into account any of the options transformations.

principle of Freudian dream analysis

main reception, which lies in the mechanism of the interpretation of dreams - a free association.This method allows you to reach the true meaning of sleep.

1. Attention is drawn to the dream itself.It should be borne in mind that all the events of a dream, in its direct form does not make any sense, but he beat the dream of several steps necessary.After that, each of the semantic parsed separately.

2. dreamed in each of the parts of the semantic elements and even some things you need to explain to those associations that come to mind first.They must be recorded to facilitate complete treatment of sleep.Thus, all the events during sleep are replaced by associative analysis, and the meaning of a dream is already possible to treat, starting from the actual events in the life of man.

3. Special attention should be paid to those associations that have an internal "censor" questioned how minor or indecent.The theory of the interpretation of dreams Freud pays special attention to them.That silenced and rejected, most likely, is the true cause of experiences be reflected in his sleep.Sometimes the man himself is difficult to admit it, but because in the interpretation of dreams may require professional assistance.

4. Some of the images that appear in dreams, Freud in his book deals with sexual overtones.For example, containers, bags, cups and everything that could absorb the limited space, is the female womb.At the same time, umbrellas, trees, poles, etc. is a symbol of the phallus.These images and a list of others mentioned in the book of Freud, culturally and historically embedded in the unconscious.If the interpretation of dreams, they are taken into account, along with the previously recorded associations.