According to Greek myth, the once handsome youth Narcissus saw his reflection in the forest creek and it struck him as indescribably beautiful.The young man fell in love with himself, has lost any sleep.He could not take his eyes off his own face reflected in the water.Outcome sad myth: Narcissus died, and his death on the spot bloomed beautiful flower named after him.
Man daffodil needs admiration, adoration, as the flower of the same name - in sunlight and watering.He needs to feel constantly in the spotlight.Not getting it, he will suffer, angry, bad mood to vent to others.But the rose is able to more angry if suspects that words of encouragement, admiration insincere.Therefore, the partner of such a person would have to show patience, forbearance, and outstanding acting skills.Praise should sound convincing.
argue with a narcissist - a thankless and almost hopeless.After all, he sincerely believes himself or the highest authority in any matter, or too proud and self-righteous to admit his own wrong.Therefore, your loved one, who wants to have his own, should not enter into a dispute with a narcissist, and skillfully bring him the idea that he wants to go that way.
Carefully study habits, tastes daffodil to not cause conflict.Since any actions or words of a partner, contrary to his tastes and habits, the rose is not only able to raise to the rank of universal tragedy, but sees this as a sign of disrespect to him conspicuous.With all its consequences, such as accusations, quarrels.
Narcissus absolutely not tolerate criticism, even the most careful, delicate and fair.After all, he considers himself a model of perfection, an ideal, but perhaps the ideal may be something wrong?Therefore partner narcissus should leave the idea to somehow influence it, modify, re.Or should put up with its shortcomings, or decisively and quickly leave.
short, to live with a narcissist - it is hard work and very dubious pleasure.But it is said that love works wonders.If the partner arranges a loved one, narcissistic, self-centered and very vulnerable, so he sees it as dignity, not disadvantages.