Eating Habits, sometimes, can tell much about a person's character.But do not start from them, trying to understand the people close to you.Are based on their own feelings and experiences, and learn what kind of fruits and berries like your family people often put them on the table, and do not use as a psychological test.

Watermelon Watermelon is a favorite delicacy motivated and strong-willed people who are used to bring any matter to the end.Those who prefer a watermelon, is not afraid of difficulties and boldly go forward without stopping there.


this sunny fruit prefer sociable person who can quickly make contact with other people.Their positive attitude and the ability to enjoy life is admirable.Fans of oranges are not afraid of hard work, they are able to find all over the positive points.These people are patient and persistent.

Banana Bananas prefer strong and courageous people.Fans bananas are prone to mood swings.Energy and optimism can quickly give way to their feelings of loneliness and even depression.However, these people are not inclined to be sad for a long time, they quickly take the situation into their own hands.


Feast on succulent pears like the meek and friendly people.Such individuals are often a wonderful storyteller, able to inspire others interesting conversation.Often pear lovers find themselves on the writer's career.


Juicy peaches liking vulnerable and sensitive nature.Often these fruit lovers hide their true feelings behind a mask of indifference, even arrogance, while their heart is painful struggle.Such people are very sensitive to criticism and was very upset if they underestimate.


grapes preferred by people the basic character traits which are restraint and reticence.They know how to keep other people's secrets, and requires the same from others.Fans grapes reliable, not talkative and responsible.


see on his desk juicy ripe apples prefer people who are inclined to conservatism.They are practical, hard-working and they can always rely on.

Plum Plum - a favorite delicacy of those who are inclined to melancholy.This fruit can not remain indifferent creative and creative people who think outside the box and strive for self-expression.

Strawberry Strawberry - a favorite berry of luxury connoisseurs and lovers of exquisite and surround themselves with beautiful things.Also a weakness for strawberry experiencing true gourmets.