First you need to pay attention to the temperament of the person.For each type of temperament are characteristic features of their own, which can analyze what to expect from the man.Thanks to him alone - quite fast, mobile, different emotional reactions, while others - slowly and quietly.Psychologists believe temperament is the foundation of the individual, which is based on the nervous system and depends on the structure of the human body and its metabolism substances.And temperament is inherited and change, as a rule, can not be.There are four basic types of temperaments: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic.
next item, which is quite important for the preparation of a psychological portrait - it is a person's character.After all, it expresses the essential needs of the individual.On character traits can identify personality traits, as well as sustainable behaviors of a person.The nature of the structure can be divided into 4 groups with respect to the person of any activity.There are a tendency to labor, community and society around, to himself, to things.
In drawing a psychological portrait of the person paying special attention to non-verbal behavior of the test.Most important is the so-called body language.The fact that it represents this person, you can tell by the gestures, posture, facial expressions, eye contact, etc.All this unconsciously expresses subconscious mood.It proved that people can use more than 10,000 combinations of movements, which experienced physiognomists can read almost all of man's thoughts.
also important and verbal contact.When building a psychological portrait based on the following parameters: the features of the construction of sentences, using different words, markers, intonation and pace of speech, habits drastically changed the conversation, the double meaning of the message, conflict and many other things.For example, express this is not a matter of respect and confidence of the interviewees, despite the fact that the speech itself may be the most competent and beautiful.This is due to the fact that the speed of the speech is associated with nervousness.
Physiognomy - another option, which pay attention when drafting a psychological portrait of a person.As facial tried to guess the nature of the past 2 000 years ago.Science with a wealth of experience allows the most accurately predict what features have people with similar facial features.As facial wrinkles can determine the characteristics of the psychological portrait.For example, if a person has a lot of fine lines around the eyes, then he tion and often smiling.And it says that he is very kind.According to the structure of the skull can be determined even genetic makings of a man who laid him from birth.
times to complete a psychological portrait is added and handwriting analysis.That handwriting reveals virtually all the major features of human nature.Professionals, graphology can literally 5 minutes studying handwriting human compile a detailed account of his personality.