If the same nightmare is repeated regularly - this is a sure sign that your life is something wrong, and the reason for this sleep need to find and eliminate to avoidmore severe consequences.Let's consider that in this occasion offered by experts.
No need to resist the nightmare.Acknowledge its existence, how to recognize the existence of unpleasant, but, nevertheless, a real disease that is necessary to get rid of.
Accept yourself in this dream - even if in a dream you commit heinous acts, or showed a coward.Scroll through a dream in the mind, accept the fact that you have done so and believe in the fact that in a real situation you behave quite differently.
Tell us about your dream, the one to whom you trust and who will always support you - faithful friend or mother.
Relax before bedtime.If you are tense and waiting for the coming of the next nightmare - he would surely appear to you not to deceive your expectations!Therefore, before bedtime take a warm bath aromatic, light see the movie, read an interesting book.
There are also professional advice for relaxation before bedtime.The first - the method of slow breathing: make unhurried breath, as you exhale, let a team of sleep, trying to focus entirely on the process of respiration.The second - the method of counting, which is known, perhaps, everything.However, you need to add a small detail: when inhaling call another number, and when you exhale - give yourself a command to sleep.
Try to create a nightmare.Only with a different development of the plot.IeImagine beginning your dream , and then carefully around the details of writing is quite different, is not it terrible sequel.It may be that after that nightmare again dream of you, and more than once, but if you persist after every nightmare and before going to bed to "play" in the mind of a story of its development - it recede.
No matter how trite, read carefully the instructions to the drugs you are taking, and read reviews about them on the Internet.Some of them can cause nightmares.