Causes of conflict and types of conflict

- is intractable contradiction, which is accompanied by strong negative emotions.It is anger, anger, rage, hatred.And in some cases, it is accompanied by a course of action.Not every conflict can lead to conflict, and the only thing that affects the dignity of the person and significant interest for him.Human dignity encompasses his life principles based on morality.Therefore, to lose it - means to sacrifice principles when someone is forced to do so.

researchers identified two groups of causes of conflicts: personal qualities and social factors.In the first case conflicts occur in humans due to incompatibility of their interests, needs and life principles.Personal qualities of individuals (jealousy, rudeness, boorishness, and others.) Make them the initiators of the conflict.However, in some cases, external factors (environment, environment) can trigger man.Among them: the failure in the professional field, low material security, the inability to meet expectations, the lack of career opportunities, dissatisfaction with the authorities and others.

types of conflicts meet their causes: interpersonal, social and economic.The cause of the contradictions between the people determines the content and methods of resolution.Interpersonal differences always affect the interests of the person.These conflicts have a tough resolution, as a person is difficult to give up their principles, and accordingly, it is impossible to agree with the reviewer.

social and economic conflicts depend on the external environment in which the person is placed.They affect the interests of a group of people.

methods of conflict resolution

The hardest part of the conflict - is its resolution.At the time when the parties are moving to cry, stop the raging emotions is very difficult.This destructive situation.Therefore, practicing psychologists Chato come to the conclusion that the dispute should be to prevent and resolve in the early stages.

There are four options for resolving the conflict.

First - minimizing human interaction.No individuals is controversial, there is no problem itself.

second way - the search for compromise.The compromise implies mutual concessions.In this case, both sides are of the same opinion, but to act to uphold the principles for a part of the world.Compromise has a serious drawback.The feeling of dissatisfaction is with the man.And sooner or later it will manifest itself in a new confrontation.

Open conversation - the third and most reasonable way to resolve the conflict.This is a situation where one party enters the path of reconciliation and ready to discuss the contentious issue.Often used in support of a third party - the referee.The role of the referee can perform a psychologist, an official or a loved one.In a conversation at the parties to the dispute have the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction in allowable form.It is important for stress relief.Sometimes people just need to talk.After that, the parties are trying to find their way out of satisfying the dispute.

fourth way the conflict - cooperation.He is very pragmatic, as in his case, the parties prefer to use the differences in order to achieve the benefits.