When the team rejects human

Each collective rejection someone comes in different forms.At school, it may be ridicule, insults and even physical harassment, in adult teams rejection may take the form of sophisticated ignore when seemingly there is no outright neglect, but to one person becomes very ill, and all the rest, if agreed in advance to playa role.

rogue is the one in whom most of the people around them begin to see what they reject in yourself.These may be qualities such as insecurity, lack of success in the profession.However, as it can be any quality that is in the team due to some reason turned out to be banned.For example, the chief does not like fussy staff or those who like to take the initiative.If he can extend his mood for the rest of the staff, the employee with such qualities can become an outcast and suffering many negative factors against by others.

Or another example.There are groups in which the atmosphere of ambition.Members of such groups pose to themselves and each other complex tasks and are very proud of, when it is possible to implement them.If a team gets a man devoid of this quality - he can become a pariah due to the fact that the others will not be able to respect him and will see it as something that does not like to see a - a lack of desire to achieve something in life.

Thus, in most cases it turns out that becoming an outcast in relation to a particular team.If the same person gets into another community where not rejected the qualities that are inherent in it, it can be quite good there feel.

Sometimes rogue groups of children are those children whose parents are too watch over them and constantly monitor their lives.Also, the reason for rejection can be any feature that does not take a team - a disease trait, belonging to a social class, poverty, or vice versa material security.

In this case it is necessary to analyze what are the values ​​inherent in this team, what qualities are rejected.Then you need to understand what qualities manifests man who became an outcast.If this contradiction is insoluble, it is necessary to look for a new team, or to build relations based on this information.

When a person rejects the surrounding

But still it happens that a person becomes a pariah almost any team.This is a completely different situation.Here you need to understand what qualities in a person makes him an outcast.

Firstly, such a pariah initially could deny many of the values ​​that professes team and show disrespect to some of the statements and actions.This, in turn, is a sufficient reason for rejection.

Second, every member of the community performs some function does something useful for him.Outlaw also refuses to put something to the team.He focused on himself and on his opposition.This he provokes others to rejection.How can you take a person who denies himself?

Third, the rogue may simply not be able to build relationships with the society because of their features.If such a person does not respond to impulses from others and withdraws into himself, not having the ability to build a dialogue, it can also become an outcast.

in life is to be an outcast, a person does not need to display all of the factors simultaneously.Just one or two for rejection.In the first case, when a person denies the value of the collective reaction of others may be the most harshly.Whereas in the latter case, if there is a failure to build a dialogue, the rejection will be more mild form.

Thus, it is necessary to understand the reasons that led in each case to the problem so that they can be subsequently corrected.