How to behave?

subject of gossip, tend to become extraordinary, bright personality.If you feel like an individual, to gossip in your best address concerns with irony.But there is a category of professional gossip that deliberately and consciously spread by misinformation.The aims of these people can be very different: removal from office, harm to family or personal life rival, discredit the individual in society.

If you care about your reputation, you can talk to someone who is discussing your personal life.The probability that the gossip will lose interest in you, in this case, great.

Tips on how to avoid gossip

To be the subject of gossip in the team, you need as little as possible to talk about themselves, their plans, family.In this way you do not give the soil gossip: no information - there is no excuse for discussion.Choosing a theme for communicating politics, art or culture, you are most narrows the range of information about yourself.There is a proven and reliable way to deal with gossip - a step forward.This means that we must act in advance.Until you have heard rumors about non-existent affair with the boss or you have seen in the company of a classmate?Make an appointment to the head and leave the door half open.Express their thoughts properly, without justifying, without worrying.As mentioned in the famous film, will take affection!Supporting colleagues, neighbors and friends are friendly and sincere attitude, you will be able to neutralize the negative situation, if not 100%, then half - exactly.

If you are the object of gossip, then:
- you should not protest too much, even if you struck a chord;
- apply the methods of shock therapy, begin to accept the fact that you talk about, but it should be done in a humorous and ironic way;
- in any situation, control yourself and your emotions;
- try to talk to gossip alone;
- time - the best assistant in any case focuses on the rumors, eventually everything will work out.

In any case, try to forgive people their curiosity.Analyze the situation and find out the cause of the rumors.If you can not establish a relationship with the distributor of gossip, after all, stop talking to him.But if the rumor has gone beyond what is permitted, would have likely develop a plan of hostilities.Act wisely, bravely, with dignity, without losing self-control.