Pallas inhabits steppe, steppe and mountain regions of Central and Middle Asia with a sharply continental climate.Habitat conditions cause its appearance.The size of the body is from 52 to 65 cm in length, and the tail - from 23 to 31 cm. Weight steppe cat ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 kg.Unlike domestic cat, the cat's body Pallas (Pallas cat is the name given in honor of the scientist who discovered the species) more dense and massive, short thick legs.Therefore, by its very nature, this wild cat slow and unwieldy.Since it is not adapted to fast running, in times of danger, he prefers to lie low and wait.
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head Man'ula small size, wide, slightly flattened in the horizontal direction.Particular Unlike wild cat - small rounded ears well placed, unlike in the ears of our usual pets.The Latin name given it mean to honor the form of ears - Otocolobus manul, which in Greek means "ugly ear."The eyes of these animals is yellow, the pupils are round in bright light, but do not get slit-like shape, as is the case in domestic cats.They have well developed nictitating membrane that helps protect your eyes from drying out.
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Another characteristic of Pallas' cat is in the thick dense fur up to 7 cm, covering the entire body of the animal.Wool is light gray and pale ocher, and the hairs are white tips.Bottom brown body with white bloom.In the trunk, legs and tail of a cat has dark transverse bands.The rounded tip of a long thick tail black.On the cheeks Man'ula marked elongated bundles of light wool, and from the corners of the eyes are dark stripes.Neck and chin white.Such camouflage coloration helps Manuli in the hunt for rodents, birds and insects, which he is stalking from burrows and nests.
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Characteristic features of appearance Man'ula give reason Scientists suggest that the Persian cat breed has a direct relationship with the steppe cat.The relationship can be seen in the shape of the head and fluffy fur.
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Today, Pallas' cat is a rare species, and its population continues to decline.This is largely due to human influence (poaching for fur animal trapping to capture the steppe animals, dogs loose housing).The exact number of individuals is unknown, since the animal is a secretive lifestyle.
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