Tip 1: How to tame cat

cat rather wayward animal.She is very independent and cunning, but tame it is still possible, and such attempts were made in ancient times.Cats succumbed to a man who to them spared nothing, because being a wild and living in the woods, they saw no affection and care, and the response of these animals was to protect man and his household.
best to domesticate cats very young when they have just emerged into the light.The kittens quickly become attached to a person, and as adults will not step away from its owner.It was during this period of little kittens learn to understand, who are close to them, their caregivers, and of course will reciprocate.And when they met with their relatives, who grew up on the street, can show aggression.
How to Train
In order to gain the friendship between a man and a kitten, you need a good relationship.You must often take them in his arms, stroking and talking with them, at least one hour a day.A short chat with her beloved pet can lead to ill will on his part, and the kitten will be less trust its owner in the future.
It is very important that all family members could charm the kids, just to be born.Communication with only one person will cause only a kitten affection for this man.To avoid this from happening, nuzho care for their pets by adults and children.First, you can simply take the kitten in his arms, stroking and talking to him.As older, you can learn to play the game the most common - a candy wrapper on a string, it just gets more and more kittens.Thanks to the active games
baby becomes more active.
tame cat is necessary for everything: for food, toilets, how to behave at home and on the street.Many cats respond better to this training at home, as they are small children love and appreciate his master just for what it is.
And if you want to tame a cat Yard , it is desirable that it was about the age of no more than 7 weeks, then chances are that you will get used to it.
cats that live on the streets adapted to the conditions of his life, so "domesticate" such cat very difficult.Your home environment may seem to her forcibly, and thus, you will not only harm the cat, but also himself.Therefore, before taking the kitten from the street, make sure you do not make a mistake?Are you able to tame the beast?After all, we are responsible for those who tamed.

Tip 2: How to Train street cat

According to statistics, around the world more than half a million stray cats.Some compassionate people care about the needs of the animals, feeding them regularly, while others decide on a radical steps in an attempt to tame the street cats.
Tame street cat is not so simply!

Should tame outdoor cat?

tame street cat to live in the house is not so easily!It carries a certain danger.It should be clearly understood what kind of tame cat person: domestic, recently discarded the owner or the street, lived in freedom my whole youth.

The fact that the first easily get accustomed to the new place and will love his new master, but as only a street cat, then tame it - it is not easy!In any case, the decision is up to those who decided to go on such a crucial step.

What to do to tame outdoor cat?

It all depends on how the adult animal is a street cat.For example, picking up a kitten younger than 10 weeks, you can tame it just one week.Worse things with Adults: getting used to the man from a cat can take several months.Sometimes these cats do not tamed!In any case, to tame a wild animal, street, you will need to stock up enormous patience.

hearty meal.The very first step in the domestication of the wild cat from the street will, of course, its feeding.No need to overfeed the animal has learned to be undernourished in the wild.It is best to divide the food into three hourly reception.

Water treatments.Street cat to be washed.You probably should not say that the danger can carry fleas and other parasites that live in her hair.Water treatments should attend as soon as possible.It is worth noting that the clean up stray cat - it's not easy!It is not necessary to scare the animal excessive water treatments.

main street in washing the cat - is to use special preparations and shampoos to remove parasites from pets.As the cat scratches on the hands can not be avoided, it is necessary to prepare Zelenka, alcohol, iodine or hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting wounds.

treatment.You must include a street cat to a veterinary clinic for introducing it anthelmintic drugs.The doctor will examine the animal, will determine his condition, to identify the disease, which is picked up on the outside, and advise appropriate treatment.Tame street cat, you need to be prepared for what will have to spend considerably for her treatment.

moral training.It should be understood that once the stray animals have to live in a very limited conditions for it, get used to the new rules.Unfortunately, in most cases it does not give any positive results.

In any case, you have to be mentally prepared for the fact that the cat starts to get clogged in the corners of the house, and at the sight of approaching her man will behave aggressively.This is understandable: street animals almost always retain their wild habits, and habits.Their hunting instinct developed very much.Moreover, they have an increased desire to reproduce.It also must be considered.

can not put a cat in a cage or other enclosed space!She can take it as a trap, then tame it already will surely be impossible.No need to have a negative reaction to the aggression of the animal, because it can not be so fast to begin to trust the person.Wild cat accustomed to the toilet, to the accurate feeding and good manners should be gradual.In the first days of life of street cats in a new location should not try to pet it, it is better to show their location tender voice.

What if the cat is not tamed?

If nothing happens, the cat should be set free.You do not need much to get upset because it's still a cat in the street!On the contrary, should rejoice now in the wild was cured for one pet and groomed more.