biggest bird ever existed on Earth

Historically, the largest bird ever dwelt on the planet Earth - Argentavis majestic.These huge flying creatures belong to the order of birds of prey, and the planet was inhabited by about five to eight million years ago.They lived in what is now Argentina.Wingspan adults up to eight meters.The weight of these birds was not less than 70 kilograms, while the growth was equal to 1.5-1.8 meters.Despite the fact that the bird belongs to the order of birds of prey, their physique more like ancient storks.These ancient creatures were scavengers and eat rodents, swallowing them whole, like modern owls.

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biggest bird in the world

the largest of living birds is the African ostrich.These creatures do not even know how to fly and can not boast a huge wingspan.They have a muscular physique, flattened head and elongated neck.Their beak is wide and straight.These unusual birds are to their own families and orders - ostriches and ratite.As they reach the height of 2.7 meters and weigh up to 180 kilograms.Since these creatures do not fly, their thorax and wings are not developed.However, these birds are real champions in the race - they can reach a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.This is due to a well-developed legs, which are at the ends of the hoof horn - owls rely on them during the journey.

What is the most beautiful bird in the world

Habitat African ostriches - leafless dry savannah in Africa and the Middle East, mainly to the south or the north of the African equatorial forests.

bird with the largest wingspan

Albatross is a bird, which has the largest wingspan of living birds.Some albatross species such as wandering and royal wingspan reaches 3.7 meters.These birds can travel great distances through such enormous wings.

during flights over the oceans using albatross soaring.Their rigid and narrow wings have an arcuate shape.They use their large and powerful beak, bent at the end, to catch fish.Albatrosses have webbed paws that help them swim underwater, producing their own food.Habitat albatross incredibly wide - from Antarctica and Australia in the south to Africa and America in the north.