As it is impossible to separate fighting dogs

All dog handlers and breeders of dogs in one voice say that intervene in a fight animal alone is not worth it.Especially do not need to do this if the dog outsiders.

But your pet need to be careful if he got into a fight.Many dog ​​owners make the same common mistake - grab the collar and pulled the animal itself.Most likely that will happen, you will be sorely bitten by his own dog.During the fight, the animals follow only instincts, they do not see the person beloved master.

When any dog ​​involved in a fight or run away, she always tries to bite someone who interferes with her!To stay safe and separate the dogs need two skillful human actions.

How should separate fighting dogs

ideal scenario action two masters fighting pets:
1. Each grabs his dog by the hind legs.By adopting such a position, you will keep as far away from the teeth.Dragging away the animals in opposite directions.
2. Do not let the dog's feet as long as possible, even if it seemed to you that pets are no longer belligerent.If the dog tries to dodge and grab your hands, rotate the foot in the opposite direction from the head.Let this action will resemble a stupid dance, but you will remain whole and exhausted dog.
3. Go small steps backward.The dog will have to sort out its front paws and go in the same direction.Do not pull the animal's legs sharply, otherwise it will hit the jaw.
4. Bring your pet for the hind legs to the point where it can be close (cell, shed, aviary, another room, car, garage).

few tips for those who are dog-fight one on one:
1. Turn off the emotion, concern for the upcoming quietly, as if to go.Dogs even during a fight can capture a person's mood, so do not shout and wave their arms, it could even more angry animals.
2. If you have not turned to a leash, go after it.Let the fight continues, but lead you in this moment it is necessary.
3. During the fight the dogs occupied only rival, so without making any sudden movements, approach him.The loop of the leash to try to throw the dog's thigh.Tighten and pull the dog to the object for which you can attach a leash.
4. All this happens in a fight, that is, the second dog moves after the first.They are still busy with each other, giving you the ability to neutralize one participant fight.Tying an animal, go to the rear of another dog and grab both her hind legs.
5. Drag the second party to fight, not forgetting to tighten up her body and turn aside from the teeth.This animal should be securely locked, as the first dog may be off the leash.
6. Untie tied pet and also close it.Leave the dog at any time, let calm down.