Squirrels - the smallest members of the squirrel family.That is why these animals may resemble normal protein, but chipmunks are somewhat different from them.There are twenty-five known species of chipmunks.They eat nuts, berries, seeds and grains.

chipmunks dimensions vary depending on the species.Animal weight from 30 to 130 grams, and sizes - from 5 to 15 cm. Chipmunks long tail, which can be from 7 to 12 cm.

Pripryatyvaya food in cheek pouches, they relate it to their burrows for storage.These rodents spend the winter hibernating, but they do not accumulate for that fat, and eat slowly harvested stocks.

Despite the fact that the Chipmunks - other than "mountaineers", they prefer to be under the ground, closer to their burrows.They are easily recognizable by chocolate or reddish-brown color and five dark stripes on the back.

After the thirty-day period of gestation, chipmunks give life to a new generation.Cubs are born hairless and completely helpless.

Squirrels - territorial animals.These areas do not exceed a hundred yards.Quantity per acre is usually from two to four animals.

However, digging burrows in gardens and lawns, digging up newly planted seeds, eating flowers, stems and fruits, and gnawing tree bark and buds, these squirrels can easily turn into pests.

On average, the chipmunks live three or four years in the wild, but in captivity can live up to eight years.

One of the most common species are the Siberian chipmunks (Asian) and the East American.There is another subgenus chipmunks, which includes several types.For example, the least chipmunk, squirrel Alpine, California chipmunk chipmunk ryzhehvosty, pine chipmunk, and several others.

Thanks chubby cheeks, big eyes and bushy tail bands Chipmunks liked multiples and got the leading role in Hollywood.