fish from the salmon family, which include trout, are the only ones that make up the suborder Salmoniformes.Salmon has always revered gourmet as a delicacy: dish of salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon, grayling and trout are often submitted to the king's table, along with dishes from sturgeon.Trout, like many other members of the salmon, valued around the world not only for its delicious meat, and red caviar.
As noted above, along with salmon trout - a collective name for several different species of fish.It should be noted that the independence of trout species is currently being questioned because of the extreme proximity of these species to each other.For example, a river (the present) is often identified with the trout lake trout, and it is two different species of trout.Dimensions trout following: body length of less than 1 m, and weight - not more than 20 kg.In most cases, caught trout length of 25 cm and a weight of 500 g
body of trout slightly flattened laterally, the muzzle is short and truncated.Painting of all the representatives of these fish is changing.They are usually the back is painted in olive-green and yellow-green flanks.Often side trout have spots of red or white.Abdomen trout has a grayish color, sometimes with a copper sheen.Pelvic fins painted in yellow color, and the back decorated with dots.Males differ from females trout smaller size of his body, the greater the size of the head, as well as a large number of teeth.
Salmon, which include trout from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, fresh waters in the northern and middle latitudes.Salmon are anadromous and freshwater fish: they live in the sea but spawn in fresh waters are.Curiously, the Pacific salmon often pay for such a trip of its own.The largest breeding ground of the family members is Kamchatka.Curiously, the trout are the most sensitive to water pollution by fish.Often they are used in the filtration of sewage, if water appears toxic substance that kills first trout.
trout and other species of salmon are valued as a food fish.Their production is carried out not so much for the delicious meat, which is a delicacy, as for the sake of expensive caviar.Poaching on this basis does not know his limits!That is why at the moment the population of some salmon species is on the brink of its disappearance.Some species of fish are included in the "Red Book".