Riukin - a breeding form goldfish.Many researchers believe that it took place later on riukina Japanese veiltail and Oranda.

This fish has korotkoteluyu form, but it has a fairly large and can reach a length of twenty centimeters.The distinctive features of the breed include hill behind which the fish just behind the head forms a kind of hump.Painting riukina very diverse, but often you can see the fish red, silver and black colors.The most common are riukiny red calico and red and white.The tail of the fish of this species forked and reaches a large enough size.

Common symptoms of diseased fish

Status fish easily determine their mobility and the brightness of their color.In addition, signs of health are shiny scales and appetite.Yet another "indicator" - the dorsal fin.Healthy fish keeps it always vertically.

All goldfish are not so many diseases.But if you still sick pet, it should be immediately converted into a spacious insulator of approximately 50 liters and treated.However, remember that after any treatment, as a manufacturer, the individual will be lost as antibiotics and other chemical products contribute to infertility strong fish.

If fish formed raids in the form of semolina or were education, like lumps of cotton wool, or significantly sticking fins, and very little fish swimming jerks, rubbing against objects in her broken breathing and reddened fins, it should be immediately isolated.

most commonly encountered diseases of ringworm and gasteroenterit.

Ringworm is a fungal disease of freshwater fish.Most often, it affects the individual, the body already weakened by some disease, injury, or poor conditions.

When the disease on the body of fish, fins and gills appear thin threads of white color, which grow perpendicularly from the body.If at this point the cause of the disease is not removed, the thread quickly develop into a cotton-like touch.The fungus grows in the muscles and internal organs of the fish, causing it to become inactive, and falls to the bottom.

In the initial stages of the disease can be suspended.To do this in a separate tank diluted with 5% solution of sodium chloride and "bathe" fish therein for 5 minutes.It should also be to raise the temperature of the water and enhance its aeration.

addition, you must determine the cause of the disease.If it's the wrong content fish should dramatically improve it.But if ringworm is only a consequence of another disease, you should immediately begin to eliminate the initial illness.

ringworm treatment can be carried out in the general aquarium.As common drugs recommended copper sulfate, potassium permanganate, the main purple K. When using brand-name drugs have proved effective Fungus Cure by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, INC, Sera mycopur, Sera ectopur, Sera acutan, Tetra General Tonic Plus and Tetra Medica FungiStop.The above funds should be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.


This disease has a second name - inflammation of the stomach.It occurs when overfeeding goldfish food of poor quality, as well as the monotonous feeding dried Daphnia, bloodworms and gammarids.

Diseased fish lose appetite and not eat well for a very long time.But while its activity is reduced.In individual little belly swells and reddens the anus and feces are threadlike and contain bloody mucus.

But the disease is easily curable simple starvation within a week.Diseased fish should be transferred to a separate aquarium with fresh water, to which is added a weak solution of potassium permanganate.It is also necessary to increase the aeration of the water and raise its temperature by about 2-3 degrees.