Inspect daily animal to early detection of tick and destroy it.It is best to do it after each walk with the dog, because ticks are not just an animal bite, and for some time crawling on his skin and wool before glare at her.Carefully palpate the body of his dog, paying special attention to her head, ears and neck.Do this thin latex gloves - it can be dangerous to touch the tick with your bare hands.Ticks move very quickly, so do not delay the inspection of your pet.
If you feel your fingertips is something like a small pea, it is highly probable that it may be just a tick.It is small in size, has a flat body and four pairs of legs;the body of the tick is colored dark brown, black or reddish color.Timely detection of the insect should immediately wipe until it has had time to bite anyone.It is best to burn it, because of the tick can not just crush the foot - it's extremely tenacious creature.
felt fingers on the skin of the dog's large foreign body, you know - the tick has dug into the skin of an animal and had to drink blood.Thus it increases in size and can be up to one or two centimeters in diameter.The parasite changes its color to dirty gray or pink, and is more than disgusting.Insect is an urgent need to remove from your pet.To do this, lay the dog and ask someone from relatives or loved ones to fix it in this position.Take the tweezers or a strong thread and disinfect this device with alcohol.Grab mite using tweezers or filaments as close to the skin surface and begin to extract it from the wound rotational movements.Once you have completely removed the tick, it is best to send to the laboratory for analysis, and the dog show veterinarian, who will prescribe the necessary preventive and restorative therapy.The wound left after the tick bite, treat with antiseptic.