you need
  • Inspection veterinarian, dietetic food for cats, specialized medicine.
Gastric ulcer can be characterized by changes in the behavior of the pet.Usually, at the beginning of the disease the cat may become apathetic, "lazy" in appearance.If this behavior is not characteristic of the animal, should immediately take him to the vet for tests.The earlier a stomach ulcer is detected, the sooner you can begin to be treated.Medication is prescribed depending on the severity of damage to the stomach and the stage of the disease.
Most importantly, it requires the intervention of gastric ulcers in cats - the mode and content of the feed.In no case can not give the cat food "off the table", especially hot or very cold (from the refrigerator).The ideal temperature for cat food - room.The diet should be no spices, salt, pepper, smoked.Cats are very fond of it, but unfortunately, the use of such products leads to diseases of the stomach and pancreas.
during attacks ulcer is better to feed the cat lukewarm porridge (boiled rice is perfect and oatmeal) and broth, jelly and other foods with a strong shielding effect.Some manufacturers of expensive feed have specialized dietary food (there are dry and canned).Dry pet food must be filled with water or milk, and to keep to form a slurry.Feed the cat during bouts of stomach ulcers is 4-5 times a day, small portions, includes only diet food.
Veterinarians administered to animals suffering from peptic ulcer, painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs and enveloping to be administered subcutaneously or added to food.In any case, assign a specific drug can only be a qualified technician and only after examination of each individual animal.
in case of severe exacerbation (ulcer perforation) of the stomach contents can be poured into the abdominal cavity of a cat, which is very dangerous for the health and life of the animal.In such cases, immediate treatment to a veterinarian, who can do the operation and stop the development of peritonitis and septic shock.Often these occur in progressive worsening ulcer.
prevention of gastric ulcers and gastritis reduces the risk of these diseases by 70%.The most important elements of prevention is good nutrition cats.Animals need to be fed well tested forages, to protect him from the human food with a great amount of spices and salt.