Ringworm infection in dogs is a result of contact with a carrier of the fungus.After playing with a sick pet dog becomes a carrier of infection.The clinical picture may appear immediately, the fungus in this period is a secret threat.Ringworm is dangerous to humans, cats and other pets.

Symptoms depriving

infection incubation period can last from several days to several months.The dog first rash appears, then falls wool, skin appears dry crust red from it may ooze pus.Receding hairline usually has clear limits.It is hard to miss.And changing the behavior of the dog.She begins to scratch the affected areas, to behave restlessly.Ringworm usually appear behind the ears, at the head, at the base of the tail on the lower legs.

When the fungus gets on your skin, it penetrates the epidermis.If the environment is favorable for the development, lichen grows and the first symptoms.Hair starts to fall out because the hair follicles are damaged due to lack of supply.Throughout the body begins the inflammatory process weakens the immune system, the dog becomes lethargic.

therapy dog ​​

protect the dog from the terrible scourge of annual vaccination helps the following medications: "Polivak TM", "Mentavak" and "Vakderm."During the walk you need to keep track of your pet, so he did not play and did not fight with the homeless dogs that may be carriers of the disease.The spores of the fungus can even be in the street, and house dust, so the dog is always under the threat of infection.Infection long lurk in upholstery, carpets, dusty.The exposed person may man himself, infected by their pet.At the first sign of depriving the dog need to protect from contact with other family members, highlight her corner and not to walk on the flat spread infection.It should be as soon as possible to show your pet to the vet.

No need sick dog put to sleep.There are ointments, vaccines, to return the pet to his former life.In the period of treatment is necessary to make appropriate diet to dog received all the necessary vitamins and minerals to help restore the weakened body and fight the infection.The house should always be wet cleaning and disinfection.Thoroughly wash bowls, toys and recreational dog.The purity should be very carefully during treatment dog to fungus spores penetrated again.Do not forget to wash your hands after contact with a sick animal.