Care in the first hours after sterilization

How is the sterilization of cats

On the first day after surgery the cat will move away from the anesthesia.Usually, the animals just sleep off in a few hours, but some cats may suddenly jumps up and tries to run somewhere.Because anesthesia is greatly disturbed coordination, it is fraught with injuries.Therefore, the first day of the whole cat care is primarily to ensure its state of rest.

to care for cat

Immediately after surgery the cat must be put on a firm and level surface where the cat will not fall down or run away.For this purpose, well suited cardboard box, which is better to prepare in advance.The box should not be too small, otherwise the animal will be closely.At the bottom of the box should be put oilcloth because the cat may involuntarily wet oneself.On the oilcloth can put a folded several times knitting cloth.

sterilization of cats

When does the anesthesia, many cats much shivering.To the animal is frozen, it must be covered with something woolen.The fact that the metabolism slows anesthesia.As a result, the body temperature decreases.Therefore, even if a fever is not observed, the cat is still desirable to cover with something warm.In particular, if the ears and tail of the animal to the touch too cold.

Continuously anesthesia cats do not turn a blind eye.Remain eyes open and after surgery.To prevent drying of the mucous membranes of the eyes, they should dig in a special solution, which will give a veterinary surgeon.It is also desirable for half an hour each clamp and break forever the animal fingers.The need for these procedures will disappear when the home favorite, she will begin to blink or close your eyes.

To the cat is not dry in the mouth, it must be wet with plain water.In addition, the 3-4 hours after sterilization can be carefully Popo cat from a pipette or syringe with the needle removed.Only it should be done carefully, giving droplets of water and making sure that the cat swallowed it and choked.

Care seams

Most cats are inclined to comb postoperative seams, which extends the period of healing.To avoid this, after the sterilization on the animal put a special blanket.Stitches are usually heal within 10-14 days.After this period the sutures are removed.But while there is a wound, stitches need daily treatment.For this blanket is removed from the hind legs, the seam is wiped with hydrogen peroxide, followed by brilliant green.Then the blanket back into place.


first feeding after sterilization should be carried out only through the day.It is better to give wet food, not dry.A portion of the feed should not be large: 2-3 teaspoons.Over the next 2-3 days, the cat will gradually return to activity and appetite, while portions of food can be increased to the usual volumes.