Most often the owners pay attention to the scratches on the skin of the animal.Other signs include itching: razlizyvanie and vygryzanie paws, swelling of the face and frequent licking of certain areas of the body.
One of the reasons that create skin problems, are parasitic (fleas and ticks).Their bites cause an allergic reaction to the saliva of the body of the parasite.Sarcoptic mange mite or subcutaneous detected laboratory, by taking scrapings from the skin.Treatment with these types of diseases for the antiparasitic treatment reduces the animal's body and symptomatic treatment.Antiparasitic drugs "Ivermek" "Otodektin" "Nilverm".In veterinary pharmacy you can buy a variety of solutions for the treatment of an animal, sprays, gels and shampoos.
Immunosuppression dog, leads to disruption of the microflora of the skin.The rapid growth of bacteria and fungi on the skin is also a cause itching.Treatment is carried out with antifungal and antibacterial agents, "Imaverol" "Amoxicillin", "Baytril", "Kobaktan", "Tylosin", "Gent".Simultaneously with these drugs prescribed immunomodulators "Ribotan", "Fosprenil", "Dosta", "anandin."Biostimulyators "Gamavit" "Katozal" "maksidin" "Roncoleukin".
Food and non-food allergies in dogs is a common cause, itchy skin.Treatment started with a limited intake of animal allergen, which causes an increase of histamine in the body.When a food allergy or food appointed special veterinary diet.
non-food allergies can occur for many reasons: in the period of flowering plants when washing floors in the house with chlorinated detergents in the presence of indoor peculiar smell from new furniture, carpet or linoleum.Treatment of dogs spend antihistamines "Deksafort", "Dexamethasone", "Prednisolone", "Ekzekan", "Antiches", "Suprastin", "Tavegil."
If duration of symptoms of itching in dogs, it is necessary to apply to the veterinary clinic.The results of examination and laboratory examination of the animal allow timely correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment.
Prevention is regularly treated dogs antiparasitic drugs, in the spring and autumn.Full feeding, the exclusion from the diet smoked, sweet and salty foods.If you take out the dog to the country, you need to have with the injection of an antihistamine.Insect stings or pollen can cause severe allergies, which can lead to anaphylactic shock and pulmonary edema.