piroplasmosis - a common disease caused by a parasitic organism Babesia felis, which in the spring-autumn period occurs in many cats.Animal bites tick infected with piroplasmosis is very dangerous, so it is important to know how to protect your pet from this disease and what to do in case of defeat the body's disease.

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How does piroplasmosis animals?

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Carriers piroplasmosis are ticks, their greatest activity observed in the spring and autumn period - from March to October.For cats pose a serious danger, and small rodents, which are often a common place for the reproduction of parasitic organisms.

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piroplasmosis cats Infection occurs during the bite of ticks.These small parasites hide in the grass, in addition, they sometimes airborne strong gusts of wind.Piroplasmosis in cats must be treated by a veterinarian because the disease has serious consequences - paralysis, and even death of the animal.

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How to recognize the disease in cats?

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piroplasmosis in cats occurs in acute or chronic form, symptoms usually appear 1-4 days after being bitten by ticks.It is important to notice changes in behavior and condition of the animal, making it possible to conduct the treatment of pets, to avoid the development of many complications.

disease in cats is manifested by the following symptoms:
- increase in body temperature to 40 degrees;
- shortness of breath;
- lack of appetite;
- lethargy and apathy.

attentive cat owners may notice that the conjunctiva and mucous membranes of the eyes become yellow, which caused liver and kidney.All these signs of piroplasmosis are particularly noticeable in young animals, so the detection of the disease in older cats, it is necessary to carefully observe them during the spread of ticks.

piroplasmosis How to treat a cat?

When signs of piroplasmosis should immediately contact your veterinarian.Treatments have to be conducted in the first two days of the onset of the first symptoms of piroplasmosis.Diagnosis of the disease is carried out by a blood test taken from the ear pet.

treatment usually consists of an introduction to the animal certain medications by injection.In severe cases, when the disease has not been directly observed, it has become a running form and has already begun intoxication vets use the dropper.Cure help animal drugs such as primahinfosfat, imidokarb some other action aimed at the destruction of parasites, eliminate toxicity and restore the activity of internal organs.

Veterinarians recommend that pet owners in the spring and autumn use special protective measures against ticks, since these actions are a reliable prevention of piroplasmosis.Such prophylactics are produced in the form of shampoos, ointments, gels, or collars.It is also important to strengthen the immune system cats, it can be done through the use of echinacea.This plant is often used in the production of dietary supplements, manufactured in the form of medicines.Preventive action will increase the body's resistance to various infections cats, dangerous to their health.