When pumping (capelet) sole or arrows in the form of bruises - it is necessary to clean off the affected layer, wash the wound with a dilute alcohol, brush for disinfection birch tar and bandage clean birch bark;washed hoof chamomile extract, make him a lotion.When rotting arrows to clear its possible deeper, making bath of 3% solution of carbolic acid or creolin or Lysol;arrow dry and fill the groove of alum powder or oak bark, copper sulfate.You can pour the first pitch, and then fall asleep bluestone, plugged with cotton or hemp.

When zakovke - unchain the horse to clear the injection site, fill with tincture of iodine, or make a fresh steamed dried leaves of the plantain and hoof bandage, refreshing dressing with plantain 3-4 times a day.Place zakovki can also wash vinegar with salt, cover with linseed oil with melted wax and tar on top or cook millet and applying hot.

for softening dry hoof horn can put a horse seven consecutive days in a pit of cow manure covering the hoof.It helps and boiled Repnoe seed mixed with fresh lard or unsalted butter;warm the mixture is applied to the hoof and tied them with a clean cloth.You can prepare a mixture of melted butter and a wooden wax and fat goat - rub a warm mixture into the hoof.

When hoof cracks, if they are below, it is necessary to remove the horn as much as possible, to mix sulfur with goat fat, heat and pour this hot composition crack.Shoe foot, poured a horseshoe hemp oil mixed with egg white.Cracks, reaching the top of the corolla, burned with a hot iron, sulfur and pour melted bacon obscure or resin.From cracks helps cooked in goat or mutton fat comminuted or plantaginaceae hemp seed, which is coated in the form of heat around the foot.

helps grow a hoof ointment from a mixture of an old pig and goat fat, vegetable oil and wax.When cleaning the hoof visible pinned or splinter (glass chip glands), it follows immediately remove a foreign object, cover the injection site with hot bacon, tincture of iodine, brilliant green and hoof bandage.

In lactating mares may be inflammation of the udder (mastitis), expressed in the hardening of pain, heat.In this case, the udder to do a warm poultice of chamomile flowers, boiled in boiling water;poultices made 2-4 times a day, and in the spaces between cuticles udder camphor oil.

Some horses plenty of hair fall out from the tail and mane.For their growth boil ointment from spruce cones rich in butter (1: 3) and thickly smeared hair roots along the crest of the neck and tail repitse.