How to recognize piroplasmosis

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caring hosts treated their pets from tick bites and regularly inspect them after walks and outings, however, even these measures were not able to keep one hundred percent of the infected dog.The tick can bite the animal and fall, so that the body does not show any visible traces, but the pathogen enters the body dog.
greatest number of diseased animals is in spring and autumn, when ticks are most active.

symptoms appear, usually after two or three days after the infection occurred.Diseased animal becomes limp, eat little or at all and refuses food.The temperature rises to 40-41oS, the mucous membrane of the mouth and eyes turn yellow.If you do not start treatment during this period, after the temperature drops to 35-36oS and blood appears in the urine.The hindquarters of the animal weakened, gait becomes noticeably hindered, possible paralysis.Most often it ends with the death of piroplasmosis.
Sometimes there are chronic cases of piroplasmosis.The most common disease in this form occurs in animals who have had the infection, and managed to survive without treatment.

Treatment piroplasmosis

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piroplasmosis is not possible to cure yourself.At the first suspicion of the disease, the animal only became lethargic and refused food, you should contact your veterinarian.A veterinarian examines an animal, he measures the temperature, the owner asks the detected ticks.On analysis of urine is taken and, in some cases - and blood.After that a verdict.The first thing the dog prescribe drugs that destroy Babesia - Ā«Veriben", "Azidin", "Imidosan", "Beren", "Pyro-stop" and other means of acting in the same way.After the destruction of parasites and infected erythrocytes of further treatment aimed at restoring the body of the animal.Dogs injected drugs, supports liver and kidney, heart medications, vitamins.To avoid complications with recently used plasmapheresis or hemosorption that allow to clean the blood of toxins, bypassing the liver and kidneys.Recovery occurs after two to three weeks after starting treatment.

There are preventive vaccines "Nobivac Pro" and "Pirodog" containing antigen piroplazm.However, the use of these vaccines will not protect your dog from the disease.Vaccination increase the chances of a sick animal to recover after being bitten by an infected tick.