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how to weigh a large dog

beginners dog breeders sometimes difficult to determine normal weight of your pet.Therefore it is better to seek advice from a veterinarian.A normal dog's weight depends on its age, sex and size.Typically, a dog is considered to be thick if under a layer of muscle and fat is bad palpable ribs.

Before you start losing weight weigh the dog.This is best done when you first measure your own weight on the floor scales, and then to stand up to them with a dog in her arms.Of the total, subtract the weight of your own, and you get a pet weight.Large dogs better to weigh in a veterinary clinic.

breed dogs are also important in determining the weight of an animal standards.For Rottweilers, bulldogs, pugs characteristic bodied and hounds differ taut belly and thin, but well-developed muscle layer.

plump dog is recommended to transfer to a less nutritious diet.Reduce the portion of feed by 10-15%.To accurately calculate the amount of food, weigh it on the culinary scale.Between feedings do not give the animal food from his table: biscuits, slices of cheese or sausage, etc.Make sure that your family members are not fed the dog.

After two weeks reduce caloric intake again weigh the dog.If she failed to lose weight, reduce the dose by 10%.If the animal's weight began to decline, continue to give a smaller portion of food to achieve the desired result.

consumption rates indicated on the packaging of dog food, designed for the average pet without its age, gender and level of physical activity.Your dog may require a greater or lesser portion of food.

not starve the dog, hoping for a quick weight loss.It not only does not give long-term effect, but also may adversely affect the health and behavior of your pet.

physical activity dog ​​

how to do an enema dog

Daily walks are essential for dogs.If you zoom in the morning or evening walk just 10 minutes will burn more calories Animal and improve your fitness.Outdoors try to move more with the dog.Play ball or "fetch the stick."If possible, let your pet to socialize, play and run around with other domestic dogs.

Make sure that the games are quite intense.Breathing and heartbeat dogs have significantly more frequent.In hot weather refrain from outdoor games to the animal has not developed angina.