Subcutaneous mites in dogs as a result of their livelihoods highlights the products that are potent allergens.The latter can cause itching, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections.The affected areas of the skin starts to peel off, they formed lumpy sores, in some places may begin to fall out hair.In dogs, all this is manifested in the form of scabies, held in the form of hyperkeratosis and dermatitis.In most cases, subcutaneous mite manifested in dogs aged years.This fact is explained by the low level of the body's defenses of the animal, which, in turn, may be associated with the change of teeth or procedure cupping his ears.
Acne can affect all breeds of dogs.Infection usually occurs by contact with those suffering from the animals through the eyes, ears, mouth, face, front legs and other places which are active in the process of contact.Also, puppies can become infected by the mother.Severe forms of the disease can affect the spleen, stomach, kidneys, liver and lymph nodes.
Acne manifests itself in the form of skin lesions.The result is a violation of thermoregulation, the animal begins to freeze constantly, experiencing chills, even in a warm room.Because the symptoms are similar to subcutaneous mite other infectious diseases, it is quite difficult to diagnose.At the same time pay attention to the behavior of the pet.Infected ticks animal becomes irritated, less friendly, and at times no longer in contact with the owner.When symptoms such as vykusyvanie and combing the dog skin, spotty hair loss, the appearance of flaky skin in the form of dandruff, it is mandatory to consult a veterinarian.After passing the necessary tests the animal will be put an accurate diagnosis.
If you find a dog tick subcutaneous veterinarian appoint necessary treatment.Usually the animal prescribed acaricide action aimed at the destruction of entire colonies of mites.In combination with these immunomodulators may be used.
Since prescribe drugs are toxic, should take care of the liver of the animal, using protective medicines.Do not forget about healthy eating dogs.From this factor depends on the speed of its recovery.During treatment, it is recommended to feed the pet, cereals and meat turkey or beef.