Methods for treating rickets in cats

method for treating rickets in cats is not selected in accordance with the opinion of the owner, but solely based on the clinical picture of the disease.The fact that rickets may occur for different reasons.For example, if the body is disturbed metabolism of the animal, simply change the diet.In cases where the disease was initially unable to identify, and it was the cause of the curvature or underdeveloped limbs, folk remedies to cure him fail.

identify the cause of rickets own rather difficult.If you have even the slightest suspicion, you should immediately seek help from a specialist.To diagnose rickets and to determine its cause, as well as methods of treating veterinarian can only on the basis of visual inspection, X-rays and laboratory tests for special analyzes.

Treatment of rickets changes in diet

Regardless of the form of rickets, a prerequisite for the treatment of the disease is a change in the diet of a cat.As a rule, experts immediately move to appoint a special feed.Please note that a cat suffering from rickets, it is necessary to obtain an adequate rate of vitamins D and A.

Rickets largely weakens the skeleton of cats and slows their physical development.That is why the animal should be included in the maximum amount of dietary calcium-rich foods - meat, milk, cheese, fish, eggs and cereals.

Please note that drinking water for the cat should be in the public domain.In no case can not allow the state of thirst or dehydration.This caveat may not only complicate the treatment of rickets, but also to make all efforts futile.

The cat food you need to regularly add the juice of aloe.If the animal refuses to eat food with a supplement, you can use an ordinary pipette, a small amount of it dripped juice in the mouth.

Medical treatment of rickets in cats

If cope with rickets by changing the cat food is not possible, the veterinarian shall designate an additional special procedures.More often than cats treated special quartz apparatus in specialized clinics for animals.

owner must closely follow the daily routine of your pet.Massage, a set of special exercise and regular walks in the sun - all this must be part of the daily schedule of a weakened animal.