you need
  • bottle with a pacifier, a pipette or syringe, milk.
If the concern is the health of the adult, it can only help here veterinarian.Self-medication is useless, since it clear that hurts the animal, without having special knowledge is impossible.The faster the animal is delivered to the clinic, the greater the chance remains for a favorable outcome.
how to untie the animals
Most often there are problems with the way the kitten to go.A similar situation occurs in the case where the mother is not a kitten.Sometimes people are too early to take up a kitten from the mother when he has no skills of independent meal.Or just talking about saving the little life, when the baby is picked up on the street.Best of all - when it is possible to find a replacement for the baby Mom, do not you leave the kitten will be much easier.But if this is not possible, you have to be prepared for the fact that the need to feed the baby as much as a newborn baby.
How to see the cats
When the kitten has not yet had time to master the skills of eating from a saucer, it will have to nurture positive way.Some owners are adapting, using a pacifier and baby bottle, while others prefer conventional medical syringe or pipette.Feed the kitten will have every few hours until such time as he learns to eat by himself.As the first servings for a kitten only 10 ml.Daily servings will increase.Do not take the milk fat content increased, though he nutritional value is much higher than usual.Such a diet will cause disorder fledgling intestine.
At what age is best neutered cat
kitten to gain weight in a month in his diet is introduced meat.First, a small ball of minced meat is put the kitten in her mouth.Following you can taste cheese.But to dominate the diet should be milk.Later, you can transfer to a special kitten food.
bring up as a newborn kitten from a pipette