reasons purulent discharge from the eyes of a dog

How to treat eye dogs
The main causes purulent discharge include:
- worm infestation;
- the viral nature of the disease;
- streptococci or staph infection;
- acute conjunctivitis;
- eye injuries accession infection.

These secretions appear in diseases of the cornea and eyelids, and are also one of the symptoms of this dangerous disease like distemper.Eye injuries that trigger the appearance of purulent discharge is also very insidious, because the infection may not be immediately apparent, but only after a few weeks.If it fails to timely detect and begin treatment, the animal may lose vision or even lose the eye. Do not engage in self-treatment of animals.How serious the disease and how to treat it, can be determined only expert.

As soon as you notice that his eyes began to fester, and there were similar allocation, particularly if they are accompanied by profuse watery eyes and restless behavior of the dog, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.Diagnosis is made on the basis of analysis and inspection, respectively, and the treatment should be administered individually.Accurate diagnosis and, consequently, the right treatment can be put only after analysis will be conducted bacterial and culture of purulent discharge in the medium.

First aid dog when purulent discharge

how to wash eyes kitten chamomile
Before veterinarian prescribe your pet a complex treatment and prescribe anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial drugs alleviate the condition of the animal, you can, to give him first aid.Make a decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort and calendula.You can also use some constantly, "sleeping" black tea or solution furatsilina, spreading one tablet in a glass of warm boiled water. Your veterinary medicine chest should be antibacterial ointment on the basis of antibiotics: eritromitsinovaya, oletetrinovaya.

For washing, use cosmetic cotton disks for each new eyes.Drench it in the infusion and gently swipe the disc on the lower eyelid of the dog from the outside to the inside corner of the eye.After washing, pat the eyes with a soft cloth and under the lower lid, place a 1% tetracycline ointment.Then, the closed eyelids gently massage your finger to distribute the ointment underneath.Sit for a bit with a dog without letting it rub eyes paws, calm her and stroke, so she was not nervous after such a stressful procedure.