most often a kitten may vomit if he overeaten.This happens when the hungry crumbs imposed too much food.This vomiting is most often a one-time character.But if the kitten is constantly sick after eating, then it should be seen by a veterinarian, asreasons for this phenomenon may be a violation of the digestive system and other disorders, both genetic and acquired.
If kitten sick, it can be a symptom of his parasites.An indication of this is the emergence of worms in the vomit.This is very dangerous for the health and life of the pet.Timely deworming will prevent helminthic invasion, so you should contact your veterinarian for appropriate treatment.
kitten may vomit due to improper feeding.This can happen when fed cheap fodder or food on the table.Over time, the baby is a violation of the digestive system, then vomiting will be constant.In this situation, it is transferred to the feed and provide dietary probiotics restore microflora.
poisoning can also cause vomiting.Kitten - this is the same child, curious and playful, he wants to try everything by heart.So anything that can harm the health of the crumbs is better to keep out of reach of his place.In addition, many indoor plants are toxic to animals.If the pet is poisoned, an urgent need to give him a sorbent and call a doctor.
Sometimes a kitten may eat cat litter, and it's very dangerous.In this case he begins vomiting and diarrhea, as a result, dehydration occurs.To help give a child medication by injection to a full recovery.
kitten Vomiting may signal the onset of illness.For example, this can be a serious infectious disease.Therefore, if he did not carry out vaccination against infections, while there are severe vomiting with diarrhea and fever - call your veterinarian immediately.
Nausea kitten may be from excess wool.Animals lick, wool clogs the stomach and intestines, as a result, there is nausea.To facilitate the state in moult they give Malt paste, promotes natural conclusion of wool from the body and excludes vomiting.
Vomiting and nausea kitten can be caused by a lot of reasons and be safe or causes death, your task in a timely manner to determine the cause of the poor health of your pet and give him the necessary help.