Vision cats

cats see better in low light.This is because they hunt at dusk.Their prey - mouse, who love to dwell underground, where there is no access of light.Hosts pets know that cats like to sleep or spend time in a darkened room, when you turn off the light behave calmly, as well oriented. Vision cats adapted to the gloom in here in good light, they are not so well recognize objects.

Cats are able to distinguish between 6 colors and 25 shades of gray.Their favorite color - red.Visual acuity in cats is 6 times stronger than humans.Vision is very important for cats.It is thanks to him the animal oriented in space, detects objects, their shape, size, location.In addition of the cat is very well developed other senses.It has whiskers that help capture odors.That smell is the benchmark for pet.At times, the owners are not even aware that their pet problems with vision, because he continues to lead normal life.Only with a strong visual impairment can be understood that the cat does not see.She begins to rub his eyes, squinting, avoiding bright light, often blink.The eyes may become cloudy, red and swollen eyelids.

Eye diseases in cats

If the cat close your eyes, it is the smell will find everything she needs.

If the cat refuses to jump or makes it uncomfortable bumps into furniture, eyes looking past master, so she had serious vision problems.You must immediately contact the veterinary clinic for examination.A doctor can diagnose the following common eye disease in cats: inflammation of the mucosa, inflammation of the cornea, volvulus century, necrosis of the cornea, retinal detachment, excessive tearing.

Each disease is assigned a specific medical therapy.It includes eye drops, eye rubbing, medication, lavage.Rinsing is carried out with a special solution, which the doctor prescribes.This process is necessary to connect all members of the family that will keep your pet that he was not injured.The solution at room temperature is best to dial into a syringe, splashing it into the outer corner of the eye and clean cloth.If there is dried education around the eyes, they are pre-soak and clean cloth.Landlords must provide a period of treatment cats should care: you can not rearrange items in the home and a bowl of food, to feed, pet and do not bother to keep him on the street.With proper treatment and the proper conduct of animal care, vision is restored.