How to treat allergic conjunctivitis

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Cats, just like humans, can suffer from allergies to chemicals or pollen.In this case, allergic conjunctivitis usually occurs in human symptoms - itching, redness of the eyes, and lacrimation active.The cornea is thus slightly swollen, and discharge from the eyes is completely transparent, without the presence of pus.

the presence of pus in the eye secretions should be immediately suspected bacterial conjunctivitis.

itself allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious, but the cat is suffering from it, and in need of urgent treatment.First of all, necessary to identify the allergen to which the reaction has gone - it can be done through a series of tests.After identifying the need to remove the allergen or irritant to isolate the animal from its source, whether it's chemical or pollen.Then the vet prescribe mandatory antihistamines for the treatment of feline conjunctivitis, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs to help cope with the consequences of the disease.

Infective conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis is infectious nature usually occurs as a result of viral or bacterial defeat cat's eye.Symptoms of infectious conjunctivitis is swelling and watery eyes, anxiety cats, as well as yellow-green pus.Pus from the eyelids stick together and difficult to washing, which can subsequently lead to the development of serious diseases such as loss of vision, corneal ulceration and infection of the blood.

Before treatment is required to determine the root cause of the emergence of infectious conjunctivitis.

After determining the cause, the vet will appoint a number of special tests, which include crop on sensitivity to certain bacteria.Ascertaining at which drug reacts microbe, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets, injections, drops or ointments.

During the treatment you will need to thoroughly wash the eyes and nasal passages animal drug solution, after which it will be possible to dig and lay the essential drugs.In addition, the cat will appoint special adjuvants as injections.Treatment is difficult and will last at least two weeks, but without the animal may simply die.