Rabies is transmitted through direct animal bite sick.Symptoms of the disease manifest themselves immediately after the bite, and after 1-2 months.During this period, the virus multiplies in the blood of dogs.The disease occurs in two forms: a lush and quiet.

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Symptoms violent forms

What are the first symptoms of rabies in dogs

In this form of the observed changes in the behavior of the dog.It can be very affectionate and alert.These symptoms may be replaced by suspicion and aggressiveness of the entire environment.The animal ceases to recognize their owners, because the rabies virus enters the brain.In the body of the dog appear neizmenimye processes.

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dog may refuse to eat or she shows signs of perverted appetite.She can swallow stones, sticks, earth.She started vomiting and excessive salivation.This period lasts for 1-4 days.

Next animal becomes aggressive, throws and biting people.The dog develops rabies.When she sees the water, it starts a panic, she tries to escape.

2-3 days this form are fatal with symptoms of paralysis of the throat and extremities.The duration of the entire disease with clinical signs can vary from 6 to 11 days.

Symptoms quiet form

Paralytic or silent form occurs in dogs with signs of depression, lack of arousal.The animal is observed paralysis of the limbs and trunk.The duration of this period of 2-3 days.The animal dies.

Veterinarians register another form of rabies - atypical.Such atypical symptoms have begun to appear in recent years.Signs of rabies stretch up to 3-4 months.Animal sluggish and indifferent to their surroundings.During this period there is a violation of the nervous and digestive system.

Prevention of rabies in dogs is an annual vaccination of animals.Dogs that do not put the vaccine, not allowed to travel on trains and planes.Such animals are considered conditionally sick and not allowed to dog shows.

If walking your dog is in contact with stray or wild animals, you should contact the veterinary clinic, where the animal will spend all the necessary procedures.

If you see your dog have these signs, then report it to the district veterinary clinic.Animal isolate and conduct the necessary tests.If the disease is confirmed, the dog returns to the owner.