little terrier

representatives of this large group of dogs are very diverse - black terriers are large in size, a lot of medium-sized dogs - Kerry Blue Terrier, Airedales, bull terriers, etc.However, among them there are tiny, in particular, of Yorkshire, who, according to some dog handlers, may well claim the title of king of ornamental dogs.Yorkshire is widely known because of its spectacular appearance and playful character.

By Terriers small size may also include Toy Terrier, Skye Terrier, Australian, West Highland White Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier, known for the film "The Mask", and Dandie Dinmont Terrier, havingmemorable appearance.Dog breeds reach above the withers not exceeding 30 cm.

Boston Terrier, bred in the XIX century in the United States, in appearance more like a bulldog, differing with the peaceful disposition and intelligence.In some countries, this breed does not refer to terriers and mastiffs to.

Little Schnauzer and Pinscher

among a small group of miniature pinschers are Affenpinscher and Miniature Pinscher.Both varieties can be completely different color, such as red, black-and-tan, etc., greatly reducing the brave minded and energetic.Their sizes are about 25-30 cm at the withers.Dwarf (or miniature) Pinschers desired owners cropped ears and tails - like their enlarged copy - Dobermans.Affenpinscher different harsh hair, a special way of framing its face, which they owe to its name (from the German word Affe means "monkey").Because they seem to have acquired a little higher compared to the Miniature Pinscher.

Schnauzer - the smallest of its subgroups.Dogs of this breed reach 30-35 cm at the withers, outwardly reminding rizen- and Schnauzer (the largest and the average of their counterparts).Colors from the dwarfs, unlike other schnauzers, allowed different, for example, "pepper and salt" and even white chocolate with markings.

Unfortunately, many dogs of these breeds recently almost lost their working ability, whereas previously they proved themselves as the rat-catchers.


As Pinschers, rates are increasingly factory as decorative dog.However, if desired, they can participate in competitions (agility or nataska on burrowing) and hunt.Popularity taxes lately been growing steadily - and people like the small size allows to keep the dogs in the smallest apartment and spectacular appearance, as well as the energy and the mind.Also haired dachshunds, which are most common in Russia, also known stiffness and long-haired dachshunds.


Apricot and white, black and silver - there are many varieties of poodles, depending on the color and size.For small include miniature poodles (also known as a dwarf, they grow up to 35 cm) and toy poodles, which should be no higher than 28 cm. The coat requires careful and regular maintenance of all dogs, but it is - the only difficulty in the care ofAccording to enthusiasts of the breed.Poodles have long been known for their intelligence and learning disabilities, speaking in European circuses.They are energetic, but intelligent.Unfortunately, the breed is now experiencing a decline in popularity.

Other breeds

memorable appearance as well as the kind of character have a Pekingese and Japanese quinine (or Japanese Spaniel).According Pekingese fans (which are distributed throughout the world), the breed can be considered one of the most ancient, retired person.

possess small size and some spaniels, particularly King charlz- and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.Their higher counterpart - the American Cocker has no less spectacular appearance and good-natured disposition, reaching 40 cm at the withers.

The group Bichons and related breeds include small lion dog, Maltese (commonly known as Maltese), Bichon Frise, Havanese, Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, and bolognese.

According to the classification adopted in a number of countries, you can also select a group of small molossoidov, which usually include a boston terrier, pug and bulldog.