Ease of content as the main criterion for choosing

dog, parents should be aware that much of the hassle associated with the care and upbringing, will fall on their shoulders.Therefore, it is not necessary to stop the choice on the rock, which requires considerable effort - for example, long-haired dogs need regular comb and wash, and service and fighting dogs need a strict upbringing, frequent and long walks and good training.

Although dog breeds seem a great option for families with children, do not forget that a child, especially a small, can not be sufficiently careful during the game can seriously injure the fragile little dog.In addition, small dogs often do not like the attention to itself and may even bite or bark at the child, if it becomes disrespectful to handle them - to carry arms, pulling ears and paws.

allergy in a child does not mean a definitive ban on the presence of the dog in the house, but by the choice of the breed will have come more carefully.Ideal options for allergic children - friendly and active poodle playful Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Friz.Shedding these dogs are rarely held, with the dead hair does not fall out and separated when combing or pinch (trimming).

If you expect that the child will be involved in the care of the dog and its education, guided by the child's weight - it should be no less than the weight of an adult representative of the breed, or to keep to actively move the dog for a walk or while washing your offspring will not be able.

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absolutely contraindicated for families with children, especially small dogs, a high level of intra-aggression, seeking to dominate in the family and had difficulty handing over its positions.These include Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzer, Caucasian Shepherd.

Best of all, if the nature of the child's character will match your pet - with active and mobile kids will be bored with pugs or phlegmatic calm collie, but if your child prefers thoughtful and moving slowly, it will be difficult to find a common language with an energetic Labrador or Beagle.

for families with young (5-7 years) children is better to choose a dog small and medium size, not too active, balanced and calm disposition.Suitable representatives of such breeds as the Pug, French Bulldog, Bichon Friz, welsh corgi.The teenager has to cope with the collie, and mobile and cheerful Irish setter.Excellent companions - Labradors, golden retrievers.

If you are not frightened by the prospect of grooming the animal chose the friendly Maltese and Yorkshire terrier, the grown children will be interesting to chat with St. Bernard or Newfoundland.In addition, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, or Airedale can serve as an excellent protector and will not give offense to either himself or his young master.