head, neck and muzzle Chihuahua

The shape of the head of this little dog resembles an apple, and it is one of the hallmarks of Chihuahua.The descent from the forehead to the muzzle is well pronounced, the forehead is rounded at the base of the muzzle.Nose Chihuahua fairly short and noticeably upturned, with the color of the nose is different.Muzzle short, widening at the base and tapering towards the end.In assessing the profile of the muzzle in a straight line.Cheeks Chihuahua practically not expressed, the normal bite - scissors or a straight.

These dogs have big round eyes, slightly protruding.Look - a curious and friendly.Eyes are mostly dark, but occasionally there are also bright.The auricle is large, sharply tapering in the direction from the base to the end.It is located in the vertical plane, but in a relaxed state slightly ears "hung".The head is carried by several curved neck, moderately long.The skin of the neck should be no wrinkles and folds, it should fit snugly to the muscles and to be elastic.

Torso Chihuahua.Color

housing body breed chihuahua consists of an ill-defined withers, short and strong back and loin muscle.The chest is broad and deep, with rounded edges.Croup not slanted, the belly should not sag should be fit.The tail is quite long, slightly tapered towards the end.He raised and bent in the shape of a semicircle, it gives the whole body balance.

front legs are straight and long, shoulder musculature is poorly developed.The feet are small, fingers spread wide.The nails on the fingers are long and curved, pads - Elastic.The elbows should be held tightly to the body.Hindlimb musculature is well developed, they are parallel to each other.Hocks short and Achilles tendon clearly expressed.

There are two options for the representatives coat Chihuahua: longhaired and smooth-haired.In hairless dogs with short hair, it fits tightly.In the stomach and the throat is marked less intense hair growth.On the neck and tail fur is the longest, and on his head and ears - the shortest.In the long-haired chihuahua hair can be either straight or wavy.The undercoat is moderately thick.On the ears, the back of the legs and chest hair forms a kind of decoration in the form of feathers.

in color for Chihuahua no specific standards, as they can be totally different.There is only one requirement: that the color matches the color of the nose and eyes.The weight of these small dogs normally not more than 2 kg, to a maximum of 3 kg.Height also meets the most different, but in general up to 38 cm.