standards and features rock

There are two types of Russian Toy - long-haired and hairless.Both share a common standard: thin bones, deep chest, high limbs straight, long dry neck, a convex skull with mild eyebrows, clearly defined transition from forehead to muzzle, erect ears, scissors bite, large round eyes set wide apart.Tail Russian Toyama almost always cropped up to two vertebrae.

In hairless dogs dry and thin skin with a shiny tight-fitting coat.Long-haired boast a kind of "fringe" adorning the ears, hair reaches a length of three to five centimeters.

standard allows the following colors: bright red, red with black, red and brown, brown and tan, blue and tan.Weight adult toy should not exceed three kilograms.The height at withers may vary from twenty to twenty-eight centimeters.

most common defects such as overbite, or semi-erect ears nestoyachie, receding hairline at the short-Toy, dark markings.ELIMINATING are disadvantages such as white color, cowardly, aggressive, abundant large white markings, the height at the withers more than thirty centimeters, undershot or overshot and, of course, hanging ears.

nature of Russian toy

If we talk about the nature of Russian Toy, the first thing that attracts attention - a fact of renaming.FCI threw the word "terrier" and carried toychikov to the 9th group, "decorative rocks," for the reason that these comely creatures are not inherited from their ancestors - English Terrier - a drop of aggression.

Russian one - absolutely perfect house dog and companion.This cowardly it also will not name.These dogs are extremely active, playful and cheerful.They have a mobile mental and easily trainable.

Regarding the choice between bitches and males, preference is often given to the first, despite the inflated price: girls are on average 5-10 thousand more boys.It is noticed that the female Russian toy quickly learn and become attached to their owners.This, however, does not make males less popular - they are as loved-and good-natured.

Finally, one of the most important advantages over other Russian toy breeds is cleanliness.They are very easy to accustom to the tray or the diaper.Furthermore, these dogs did not substantially smell.Toy Shorthair does not need to cut and comb, making them particularly suitable content.