English Mastiff

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English mastiff - one of the largest species in the world, the height of such a dog is 75 cm and the minimum weight - 70 kg.Some individuals, especially males, reaching 110 kilograms in weight, and the most important representative of this breed Mastiff is rising 94 centimeters and weighing more than 155 kilograms.

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Despite the enormous size and fearsome appearance, the Dogue de Bordeaux calm, peaceful and obedient.They relate well to people, rarely bark, easily trained non-rigid methods - physical punishment such a dog would react badly.Mastiffs do not attack people, but their fearsome appearance makes to keep enemies at bay.

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other related species - Spanish Mastiff - also considered one of the largest in the world, the size of these dogs on average slightly less than the English Mastiff: height is about 80 cm and weight between 70 and 100 kilograms.Large deemed Pyrenean Mastiff, Tibetan mastiff, neapolitan mastiff.

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St.Bernards average yield size Dogue de Bordeaux, but it is a giant animal, attracting attention with its impressive appearance.Their height may be from 65 to 90 centimeters, the weight of the dogs ranges from 50 to 90 kilograms.Big, strong, powerful St. Bernards mild in nature, but strong physically.They are perfectly oriented in space, friendly, need to communicate with people who are not as closed as mastiffs.

biggest dog was representative of this breed: Saint Bernard Benedictine weight is 166 kilograms.The longest was a St. Bernard dog, too, the length of his torso was 2.59 centimeters.

Great Dane

danes are not as powerful and impressive as St. Bernards or mastiffs, but it is the tallest rock in the world.The slender, with long legs, shapely and elegant, they reach 80-90 cm in height, but the weight has a relatively small, about 50-70 kilograms, and only a few representatives can reach 90 kg.Highest Great Dane had a growth of about 112 centimeters.

danes not too aggressive, rarely bark, but can easily be intimidated by its appearance.Characters have a variety of different dogs, some relate well to people, other spiteful.But all of them are very active, they need a lot of space and movement.

Large rocks are considered Caucasian Shepherd, Moscow sentry, Irish Wolfhound, nyufandlend, boerboel, vegnerskaya Shepherd and others.