head dachshund has an elongated wedge shape, gradually tapering to the nose.When the flat forehead very pronounced eyebrows.The muzzle elongated, slightly hook-nosed, different clean, well-rounded lines.
Mouth dachshund stretched hard enough corners extend beyond the eye line.Tightly stretched (no sagging) lips covering the lower jaw, forming in the corner of his mouth a small but distinct fold.Jaws and tight together white teeth taxes strongly developed teeth strong, if necessary (hunting) ganging death.Bite, as the pincer and scissor of equal value.
eyes dachshund medium size, placed obliquely, are oval in shape and dark brown color in any color coat.However, the variety of "marble" allowed blue eyes, and the eyes of unequal color (for example, one eye bright, the other - dark, it depends on what kind of "spot marble" falls on the eye area).Protein eyeball is seen slightly, his expression intelligent, energetic, strong, kindly, rather curious and awaiting an order or praise.
ears are thin, hanging, mobile, rounded at the tip, cutting edge tight to the cheeks.Ears are widely planted and high in the rearward direction so that the distance between the ear and the eye relatively more than other hounds.
neck all kinds of taxes elongated, strong, set high.The skin on her free, but the so-called suspension throat creates.From the head to the chest neck markedly expanded.Muscular and broad chest sharply anteriorly, forming the sides of the basin.Withers oblong, high protruding above the line of the chest.The trunk is long and narrow, his stomach in a healthy young dog always pulled back straight, passing unnoticed in the lower back.Rump rounded wide.
His shoulders fees even to look at, and even more so to the touch, have a strong plastic muscles.Forearm strong, very short, bent so that your wrists markedly closer.
front legs are short, thick and strong.Stand straight, feet apart.Hind feet tight in the hips, muscular, with pronounced angles (especially clearly manifested heel bone and the so-called hocks).Fingers all four limbs are assembled into a ball, plump pillows, nails short and extremely strong.
tail all taxes long enough, tapering, curved half-arches.Tail docking taxis rarely done, this is usually at the request of the owner or on the order of a veterinarian.